whenver we meet.. (#novpad day 21)


“Love is blind”,
so was said long ago,
“and lovers cannot see”
that drowned my hopes,
to ever be able to speak,
the silence smoldered
the fires,oblivious to my sky
trapped in a planet of dreams,
fleeting glances ofΒ  you,
like ice to the my tired feet,
pierced holes of longing
in the soul already battered,
and eyes so devoid of sleep…


Prompted @ November PAD (day 21) , Carry on Tuesday , Sunday whirl

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0 thoughts on “whenver we meet.. (#novpad day 21)”

  1. this is my third reading – I feel you have read my thoughts – “my sky in a planet
    of dreams” 000 & ‘my soul already battered, and my eyes so devoid of sleep”
    wow WoW… TY

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