A “fine” moment ?

“I am fine”

i convinced all but me;

’cause deep within i knew

leaving was last thing i ever wished –

the friends ,the inspiration , the love,

the tease ,the warm hugs and celebrations ;

where else would some one await

to hear me scold and yell at them,

or poke me when i fell silent,

where else would i find parcel of joys

being delivered all day and night ?

“I will be fine”

i told the few concerned eyes

and turned away,

so tears i could hide

that i knew would never run dry

even if new smiles would adorn the eyes,

my first home will be special always

and the call to return will never let

the soul heal,from the cuts of time ..

Written for Month of the year challenge # 2 (November)

It was november’09 when I had to leave a dear set of people and not move on but move back in life. Even though I am still in touch with few of those people, I  miss the collective fun we had for about a year ! God bless those gems wherever they are.

(inspired from this poem i read)

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0 thoughts on “A “fine” moment ?”

  1. I love when poetry inspires poetry. You just made my day!

    This is my favorite:
    “I will be fine”
    i told the few concerned eyes

    Most do just look the other way and choose not to notice.

  2. Beautiful ….Sigh such a life
    We make beautiful bonds and even though bonds stay we miss the time when all were together
    The times of the fun, of the love of the memories 🙂
    Bestest of times they are and they were for you 🙂
    I know even if the people you wanted this to know might not know…their heart knows it 🙂
    God bless you 🙂

  3. Thats a heartfelt and extremely personal piece of write up that u came up with there.
    me, being someone who know u and who also know what is being talked about between the verses as well as beyond it, can just say… that M proud of u, and proud of whatever u did.
    All ur hard steps taken in the past shall someday connect the dots for a responsible safe n happy future when u would look back at them and smile.

    PS – Always with u!


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