clock of Life (#random #thought)

covertly life leads

on similar paths frequently

to judge our learning 


The clock of life is wound but once; And yet assuming each of us as one of the hands of this clock, we make different number of rounds. Some never repeat the days or even moments of mistake, while others like me keep on passing through same point again and again. Same feelings , same pain , at a different palce , different time or maybe a different person too. while same things make us happy often , the reasons for being restless and blue are also fixed. Letting go is not a choice. Living together is no option. Simple isn’t it 😉 ??




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  1. indeed simple.. easy peasy ..
    do let me know what you decide .. and how toooo

    look I think if we dont make mistakes and dont repeat them then whats the SPICE.. it will be boring .. its fun to make the same mistakes .. I know what you mean …

  2. Life is circular for one who does not learn from experiences. Life is self control and habit reform. Life is a journey towards perfection. The life is like climbing a mountain and watching those below with understanding, empathy and compassion. To read more, read my articles on my websites.

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