How can you make your dream true and let it not shatter too ? How does one dispel the fears and doubts that you have  in yourself. Yesterday I was watching the dewarists show on TV. Every episode of this show has inspired me not for the wonderful music they make but more with the passion with which it is done. The fun that they have in making the song – right from the collaboration , the lyrics and the music.

And I realized that unless you believe in a dream, unless you are willing to share it, it is never going to be true. As a friend told me last night, at every step, there are going to be people who would think you are wasting your time. Many will think, this is not the way to be rich and famous. But you decide, what is your driving factor ? is it money , fame or just a satisfaction that you are doing what makes you happy. There is a limit to each factor and there are boundaries you stretch. Priorities change or maybe new ones come into picture. there are days when you might be tired or just want to give up. But patience and faith in your work keeps you going. And when you stand back and look at it, even if it did not come put as great as you wanted, it will sure make you proud ! you do not have to wonder why you think a little different from others around you. Or if it will even work in the end. The bottom line is you have a idea and you are willing to work on it. That content smile is what I am working at. That sense of freedom from my own thoughts. To take it up not as a hobby but more as a project that needs my time and attention more than anything.

And the lessons learned –

Be true ! Be patient ! work hard and Dream on !!


Here is the show promo where Raghu dixit and Guru Rewben talk about the beginning of their journey :


And here is the whole show if you want to check. The song at the end is really worth it 😀


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  1. I watched this whole episode of the final and I so LOVED IT 😀
    And i can so relate to each and every word you said here….People have often discouraged me from my dreams for one simple reason that they never believed in me…and i often lost the jest too…gave up at one time too….but with time it became my passion and today I know…its a long way to go….but someday I will fulfill it..for it is my contentment , my happiness 🙂

    I also believe your dreams will come true too….just keep believing 🙂

  2. A few months ago, someone who I thought was a dear friend made fun of my dreams. Openly. In front a large group. I was shattered. But I picked up my broken pieces of my heart, and I am moving forward with my dreams intact, once again.

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