Music and Me

There are few things that become personal, some stay so, and some are kept this way. My love has never been one of them sadly, even if the target off all that love always been a secret even to me. then I came across poetry. From being a friend, secret keeper , companion of lonely nights, lover and now my God ! And who can keep Gods a secret ? they should never be made personal I feel, so I share it with all.

The same is the case with music. I like sharing lyrics I like, the music I get attached to, the beats that make me sway, and lot more with people around me. But music is still very personal to me. I prefer not to hear my choice of songs when people are around me, unless I use a headphone. I connect to music in a way I can not explain. Most of the songs I hear are inked on my heart with memories stamped on them. When the music flow, my ideas hold their hands and dance along, my smiles and tears find home with the songs I love. And so I hesitate sharing them with others. I do not want people interrupting this heavenly kiss, or to ridicule my choice of music,even if it is atrocious for them.

The songs are my lovers outside my wedding to life. And It will take ages before I find a place for another person between me and music.


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  1. Music is universal religion , someone who loves music will most definitely have blissful life, and as we grow and heal from your insecurities and such music plays an important role .

    Be Blessed

  2. Such posts make me smile. A lot of people talk about music. And ya basically with music you have a experience throughout your life. The things you hear when you are a kid, and the sounds change. Music is personal. But music is music. Music is everywhere. Omnipresent, so God bless’s us with music.

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