O @themasakkali

I have written a lot about me ,my muse and few best friends.But there’s one last link I should mention before Wrap up 2011. And she is the one bundle of joy God sent my way – the self declared “chosen one” , the Masakkali !! the adorable infectious creature ..and this one is for her :

vo pehli mulaakat me ghanto karna baatein,

ya dheroon kitaabon ka ho shopping plan,

wo sadkon par ghoomna binaย  koi parvaah

ya phone par karna baatein hazaar,

vo saath dekhi movies,aur coffee session

vo poetry ki raat, vo taaron ka saath,

vo metro ride, vo faaltu bakwaas,

mumbai ka trip, tera attyachaar ..

hasaata bhi hai,rulaata bhi hai

teri keemti dosti,tera paagal sa pyaar


Spread the love, spread the word ..

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