thank you 2011 and everything else too

The last week of 2011 and I do not want to miss on thanking few people and places and God for everything else.

Thanks to my parents and siblings to survive my craziness one more year and not declare me insane yet ( doesn’t matter that they think so)

Thanks to old friends who still love me like they did last year or the year before. Thank you for never forgetting me in your special times and also being a part of my life.

thanks to some people I met last year , who turned out to be such great friends ! thank you for taking time to know me and shape my year.

A special thanks to some new friends i added to my life this year. You are already too special 🙂

A special mention of the new experiences in music , poetry , movies and reading that God blessed me with. The book blog , the music emails filling my inbox, the comments at my posts, this blog , the many wonderful blogs i read, the movies I watched and adored , the photographs , the projects I see people undertake around me, every thing and anything creative .. It adds such smiles to my day !

A smile over some really wonderful conversations ,chats,  phone calls, meetings and arguments too !

2011 you have been a great time ! Please rub off some of your charm on 2012 when you shake hands with it at midnight on dec 31st !

Love you !

Love you God ! You always made me feel blessed at end of each year and phase…

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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