Replicated Me

I separate an image of myself
from who I am, or appear to be;
A frail soul in a wax replica of me,
melts and solidifies the hidden anima
as thoughts percolate over damp edges;
my timbered voice fills the hollows
made in marsh heart by acid of reality;
self-healing might not last this night …

Prompted @ Monday Melting. while the actual inspiration was this image I saw on another blog ..

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0 thoughts on “Replicated Me”

  1. Nice take on the picture… and the title is eye-catching ~

    I suggest that you put a credit to the picture source (which I found in tumblr)

    See you~

  2. I’m so glad you joined us this week. These are my favorite descriptions:

    “wax replica”
    “melts and solidifies”
    “made in marsh heart by acid of reality”

    I really like the image of one’s inner self melting and solidifying. What an apt description of ever-changing identity.

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