The lonely Angel


Cara was a beautiful angel – lovely , kind and helpful. but she was lazy too. She would often be found dreaming about her prince charming or gazing into the open skies for clouds when she actually must be working.

One day, the Queen of angels – “The mother” as every one called her, was touring her garden.When she came across her favorite corner, she found it littered with dry leaves. Of course she could turn them into green ones or better into flowers if she wished, but she never did that in order to teach all her angels to clean the area as it must be. It was Cara’s duty that day to clean the dry leaves but she was lost in the book of magic tales written by her favorite human author.she did not even notice The Mother standing in front of her with anger building fast in her head. And in the same rage, queen turned Cara into a stone statue and sent it to Earth. the yellow leaves and her broom followed her trail and settled around her as well.

And later when she felt, she was too harsh, she willed the curse to be broken by any guy who would cleanthe mess around this lonely statue. And so Cara awaits for the day she would spread her wings and be back in her city. Help her if you ever come across her please.



Image : Title Unknown by Steve McCurry (

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  1. I love the folklorish feel to this piece! And the cry for help at the end gives it just the right touch of magical reality (which sounds like an oxymoron but I hope you’ll know what I mean). Enjoyed it a lot!

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