The need

In unknown lands that do not feel that way , She sat wondering about herself and what led her here. He paced in the room without reason, occasionally looking at her and nodding in approval. He knew not why he was there with her, more importantly, why she chose to bring him along on this journey.She smiled at him, as if reading his thoughts. He finally gave up all his thoughts and joined her in bed. Collecting her in his arms, he kissed her forehead.

“This is perfect.” she whispered to herself.

“you really think so ? You do not even know me” he laughed lightly and hugged her close.

“I know your words , and my words know you.”

” One can not live off words these days”

“Can you not ?” , she asked with disbelief.

“You look determined to prove me wrong”

“We’ll make believe we never needed any more than words”

“or this” he finished her sentence, like they been doing from last few months.

“yes, we only need us and our words”.

He smiled at her grin. She grinned further finding the love in his eyes.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Cheney challenged me with “We’ll make believe we never needed any more than this.” and I challenged Steffani with “will the room cease to exist, if there was no wall ? Or will it become a larger room. Will he like that, I wonder”

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  1. I loved “in unknown lands that do not feel that way”. It fit the “make believe we never needed any more than this” so perfectly! And I love the mystery of their romance, too.

  2. It was like a scene from a movie. A fantasy set in a castle on the edge of a cliff. There would be flowing silk gowns and winds blowing her hair about her face as she stood there overlooking the crashing sea.

    I felt the magic. Loved it

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