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  1. There is some truth to this. Tribal people are often looked down on, but the truth is that Tribes have spirits that transcend any criticism of them, and deep inside these spirits, or souls, is a shining that is beautiful.

  2. Good thoughts, L. Nimue. ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with you for the tribes.

    In the states now, since the native Indians, we have clans or families which function like your tribes. There are also other groupings such as religions, lodges, alma mater, professional associations, racial groups, ‘old country’ national love (I’m German, English, and Manx) and many other in similar but diverse veins.

    Also we do have native Americans who keep up their tribal affiliations and traditions and thoughts.

  3. Tribes are the momentum of life…the inevitable consequence of living with others. Normally a wonderful thing…we are one tribe, all of us…we just need to get the powers that be to tune in and stop denying it…thanks for the write, left many thoughts forming to fuel my own pen, and for me, nothing makes for better poetry!

  4. ..a place to leave one’s mark… as if having existed long after the tall grass covers all that went on before… yes, i like the thought of that…

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