A thank you note !

Each morning when I wake up, I do not thank God for the wonderful day he blessed me with. I instead check upon my emails , text messages and tweets. As I go about my day, I think of God once in a while – to crib , complain or an occasional thank you for setting something unexpectedly right for me. But do I thank him without a cause ? Oh, I remember I do. when I sit back and contemplate what is wrong with my life. And as I sis to find ways to fix them, I say to God, Oh dude, you gotta help me with this. Please !

I have a lot of questions to ask, and a lot of answers to share with him. I totally believe in “everything happens for good”. I have lived this epiphany a lot of times in the last 10 years. And yet, when I need to cry , I must and I do. No reasons or excuses given to any. When I am upset , I just am. No reasons or excuse small or big enough to justify my sour mood.

I am not perfect – oh I am far from it. But I try.I try hard. And all that I wish is God to see through those tries and trials and keep me safe and blessed.

Oh God,

I hope you will forgive me not praying daily.

I hope you know I love and respect your words a lot but I fail to follow them always. I hope you keep loving me the same as today. And last, I hope you keep all these hopes alive in me, as long as I live.

Bless me !

Bless all !


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  1. Hope alive…how I long for it all the days of my life. I have thought my hopes to be dead a few times, but He resurrected them. Thanks for linking up to Painting Prose!

  2. So. Very. Beautiful.!! 😀
    Yes, thank you God. For the world so nice, for the food we eat, for the bed we sleep. For the smiles around, for the earth so round, for being up there, to look after us all. 🙂 We had something similar as a prayer back in play school. You brought back a whole era. 🙂

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