In bed

“So where were you this weekend?” he asked as soon as he saw me enter the corridor.
“In bed”, I replied, trying not to sbe stopped there for a chat.
“With ?”,he asked with a naughty smile, in a not-so-low manner.
“with a high temperature and headache”, I snapped back at him, irritated at answering the same joke to all.

He scowled at me and walked off, eating any other comment he wished to further make.
Perfect V day beginning, I muttered under my breath. If only he would stop acting so smart ass always, I thought and went the opposite way.


For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Dili challenged me with “If you always try to sound smart you will end up coming out dumb.” and I challenged Leo with “Image prompt : … 02864.jpeg

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11 thoughts on “In bed”

  1. I somehow know who can be the smart ass…..hahhahha….but we all have one such friend…made me remember my convos with my male bestie….even post marriage he can answer such ways with me 😀
    Thanks sweetheart for the smiles 😀

  2. some guys joke as a safety mechanism when they’re too embarr[assed] to express what they really feel inside or too proud to admit it. he may have a big crush on you. 😉

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