Loving & Loved

There are some days when you feel loved. And some when you love. It is not being in love. but just having some one to love still. From the first crush till today , I can almost name some person with whom I “thought” I was in love. Maybe I really was. But those days are past. Those reasons and emotions are past. Today I love people for making me feel good. It’s not about praising me always but more like, appreciating the good I have and forgiving me for the bad. For making me change myself and not just dictating the rules like rest of the world. Gender or age does not bother me these days. I just love the person for the heart and mind that walk with him/her.And to think of the fact that I found feelings like these to be weird at one time. Call it maturity or jsut craziness, making some one smile and smile with him/her can sure make your day a blessing !

Only if I could put words to such feelings in a way not to offend/scare the people concerned 😉
But maybe these unexpressed thoughts are what add to the enigma of loving and being loved.

Rise in Love. And stay in love. Accept being loved.

(This post was inspired by a twitter conversation with @ScribblingOn )


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