No wedding without him

That wasn’t supposed to happen. The wedding could not happen without him. And yet, there was no news of his whereabouts. 12 Hours before she sat in front of the sacred fire, she was excited and nervous like all brides but not for the life that awaited her. She was anxious to see him, to see his smile as she appeared in her wedding attire and his “i knew it” eye roll. She smiled at the thought while keeping an eye on her phone.

It suddenly lit up. A message from him

“You sure about this ?”

“Do not be late” , she texted back
“You deserve better than me, I repeat.”
“I know, you have said it enough times”
“I left you so many times”
“and yet you returned each time”
“This time was the longest”
“3 years.Thanks for returning. See you tomorrow.”
“It will be a pleasure to see you married finally”
“Yeah, and to free you from me”
“Wow. I can date any number of girls after tomorrow”
“Sure, Just send me the best stories”
“You still the same.Shameless and fun”
“Like always.Bye now. I need my beauty sleep”
“Love you princess. Hope your prince treats you better than me”

She did not want to reply to that.She did not know what to say.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Diane challenged me with “You deserve much better than me.” and I challenged Michael with “A bottle and a glass together changed the night for her; something even his smile could not”

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0 thoughts on “No wedding without him”

  1. Gosh….I have nothing to say…you very well know why….

    Only if they understood….noone could treat the princess better….sigh….I had some nostalgic moments in some words…

    Loved the way you wrote it….beautiful….

    But still the only if was answered

  2. okay, I’m glad I saw jesterqueen’s response because I wasn’t sure if I read it right πŸ™‚

    I enjoyed the twist at the end. I had to read it at least 3 times before I understood exactly what was happening…I’m not sure if that is good or bad. Good that I never suspected but bad I had to go back I suppose πŸ™‚

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