The call that came,but late

It all started with this post by poohi.

that lead to a poem by Martin & poohi’s reply to the poem as detailed here.

And then i joined with these lines :

The call that never came,
did happen one fine day;
alas, it was a bit too late,

neither happy nor sad,
for the words exchanged,
the pain was too heavy
to carry its own weight,
the complaints too many
to be silenced by excuses of fate;
the eyes too parched
to cry and let things be fine,
the distances too large
to make you my sunshine;
The call that never came,
should never have changed,
neither happy nor sad,
yet disappointed by the same
Poohi replied to these these lines and that too is added to the above linked post.
Any more inspired thoughts or ideas ?
Do tell me about “a call” that came or not, on time or not !
Brian wrote another poem on “the call” .. I hope I could say this myself ..
Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “The call that came,but late”

  1. why is it

    i can never find the phone ringing
    in the middle of the night, perhaps
    my heart knows it is never good

    hearing your voice
    after all these years
    knowing i can no longer

    help you, please, you

    should never call
    here again.

      1. May be he is being realistic. If you keep waiting for call and it never comes.. its no good.. if you stop waiting.. and it comes.. its no good..

        why should one wait for one particular call anyways? there are so many others!

  2. Wow!
    This ‘call’ is turning out to be the call to so many creative posts!!
    A brilliant poem , loved the last 4 lines
    “The call that never came,
    should never have changed,
    neither happy nor sad,
    yet disappointed by the same”

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