When nimue met Arpita ;)

An awkward hug and introductions done,
setting the context and randomness,
venue reached and feel the energy flow
check random stalls,some more explored;
books attract, so does book-full talks,
while among illustrations, and stories we walked.
Books bought (as expected or maybe not)
the shine in eyes bright even at the thought,
Oh did I mention the mean call made,
to make some one jealous of my day;
sizzling hot Momos and chilled fruit beer,
not more interesting than our banter though;
Books were borrowed,the objective of meeting met
but more special was the mutual feeling
of reaching out to similar minded gems.

I wish I had few pics toa dd here, anyways , This post is a memory of meeting Arpita today afternoon. I had always enjoyed her reviews at the book blog I am a part of. but meeting was so much more fun ! Looking forward to see you again soon.

And oh, thanks for the treat 😉

Enjoy the books 😀 !

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. i had such a fantastic time, n yet i couldn’t have put it better myself. 🙂 this is such a beautiful way to say u care. thank you so much. blessed be! 🙂

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