To her , anything beautiful was art in making. The eyes greedily took notice of each line the creator made or bent, some exotic some just a pleasure to watch.  Often, when she stood naked in front of mirror,  she wondered how could he love her shapeless body . He wrote about beauty of her tears those nights.

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0 thoughts on “Beauty”

  1. All women feel this way…
    Loved the mood of your story Lady Nimue.
    Most excellent 55
    Thanks for always playing with such class
    and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Nimue, this hits home, not for me, but for my daughter, who is gorgeous and sees only imperfection… always has. My husband always starts their conversations, “Hello, gorgeous!” and this has a positive effect. She’s just too observant for her own damn good, AND she is an artist. Too bad she can’t see her own REAL self-portrait.

    A hauntingly beautiful 55. Love it and I’ve subscribed again to your blog (took a hiatus awhile back…). Love, Amy

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