For lonely hearts

Every heart is a room. with secret corners , sunny windows and some windows shut close. Trivial whispers circulate the room all day and more in night. this room has no walls though. you make one whenever and wherever you want. You let few people in, keep some out, throw some out after some time, and some you keep missing even after they walk out. and once in a while some one lets you in their space. A space you were never willing to enter, let alone stay. Gradually, you make it a second home. with a feeling that you belong there, with a wish to forever belong there, you keep unpacking baggage one stuff at a time each day , and packing it all a bit too many times. You dream of being asked to forever stay there, of making a passage from your heart to this – once and for all. Even a minuscule chance at such life keeps you smiling for hours. And then one day …. who knows where it will lead you …

sad that autumn comes
once the spring and summers pass
her loneliness stays.

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  1. Nimue, you are so right about the heart being a room. That room may be split in half by a heartquake, but the mending is worth it. People do come and go – and some stay hidden in a corner until they’re ready to be noticed. And yes, every room should come equipped with a bouncer – some negative people are simply too strong to oust on your own (my bouncer is my therapist!).

    Also loved the haiku – as the purists believe, haiku should always be based in nature and reflect pleasing sound. Yours accomplished both. Great work! Amy

  2. ummmm…. the smoothness of the tale told captures one’s imagination and we gladly move along with you until the ends sneaks up on our senses and startles one…

  3. Dont know what to say , but perfectly written and describes the condition that I am in tooo
    it is sad autumn comes but then that goes too and spring – summer comes again .. IT will happen no one can stop that happening ..

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