Giving up

The twisted hallways,
that her thoughts made
were sources of illness,
she knew;
Miracles ceased to happen
with the last of his words,
echoing within gestures
she later saw;
Singing of bleak hopes
she hands her dreams
to the light that follows
her destiny;
Delivering justice to all
but none to carry her flame
she cries hard and gives up
at his grave.

Prompted @ OSI , Sunday Whirl wordle

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0 thoughts on “Giving up”

  1. The first four lines struck me hard. I fall prey to this more times than I should at my age. You have created a sympathetic character, one easy to like and feel pity for and framed her within an interesting story.

  2. Yes, Lady N, when ones life mate has subcombed to whatever calls for his/her death there may be no one to carry ones flame anymore.
    You have nicely written the process in accepting that loss.

  3. This reminds me of times that I’ve cried over losses. I’ve never though been one to visit grave sites. Not being close to them is a good excuse. But the pillow case is stained with tears, as rain is on head stones… sigh.

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