I saw them

Source : Trainstation by No Life Before Coffee (via Flickr stream)

I see her standing at the platform, half hidden by the corner pillar; her left foot tapping to the song playing on her Ipod, looking nowhere in particular but everywhere. For a moment, our eyes meet and we smile. she turns her look away almost immediately as if hiding from me as I keep staring at her elegant and almost attractive features. Noticing all possible visual details about her, I try hard to remember her but in vain. Every name that pops in ym head is negated by the playful smile she has on her face as if enjoying the trouble she has given me. She once more looks at me from corner of her eye and looks at the incoming train for an excuse to look elsewhere.

He comes out of the train and as if she was already aware , she picks her stuff and hurries to meet him. Taking him in her arms she beams like a child who has got an extra candy during lunch time. she whispers in his ear and he looks at me with one of the most heart breaking smile. And that’s when I know who she is. I used to be her some years back ; She used to be me that time. My future baffled at my present ; My present hiding from the future ME.

I see them walk past me with a knowing smile. I miss those days. I miss him. I miss myself. Andhere I stand , awaiting for another chance perhaps.

Prompted @ Sunday Picture Press , Inspiration Monday , 3WW

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  1. To see one’s past in the life another does make one reflect upon where they are now and how they got there…and what the future holds for them…a wonderful write on that event and feelings for it.

  2. Wow! I wasn’t expecting that – And that’s when I know who she is. I used to be her some years back ; She used to be me that time. Phew, this is well told!

  3. Sometimes you can want something..or someone..so much that time and thought plays tricks..a good warning in these words not to get lost in the tunnel..Jae

  4. I read this in mail and this sent me in an introspective game of if we ever come across the past us what will we say ?

    But then if past we didn’t existed we wouldn’t be the kinds we are today

    Loved it and you narrated it so well …could see a glimpse of past me in the past girl too 🙂

  5. Very beautiful piece Nimue. It has a certain mystical quality which leaves you wondering till the end. Such moments are priceless indeed – to see a bit of you in someone, a bit of ‘then’ in the ‘now’…

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