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  1. The most routine activities can bring together hearts and relationships torn apart by life’s hardships. It reminds me of missed opportunities with my own mother. If I’d only slowed down, taken a breath and enjoyed her presence while she was still here. The following lines contain such awareness of these times:

    awaiting the return of love
    from mere shadows,
    that dance on kitchen walls
    as they cook together one more time.

  2. Really like your use of language here. not really unaware- just the way it sounds and how it creates a sense of knowledge, yet vagueness at the same time, and the shadows themselves, so prominent yet you left the reader to interpret their meaning themselves. Great job. Fun to read. Thanks

  3. My daughter and I cooked together last night. I was a single mom when she was young and we started cooking together on Wednesdays (our own little cooking class). We’ve continued through the years, and still engage in kitchen play. There are times when it started tense due to admonishments, but cooking soothes anger…it’s like magic. I’m impressed with how much you packed into this little piece. Excellent write!

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