The “some one”

Photo Copyright: James Rainsford. Used with Permission.

The only name he smiled at,
the only eyes he looked for,
the very smile to flatter him,
the only girl he wished to live for –
today she remains in heart and mind,
a memory of a long-lost time.
From everything to some one special,
the transition happened without cause;
the face was never captured in photo,
it was meant to stay as a muse unknown.

Prompted @ Dverse Poetics (Image ) , OSI (transition ) , Sunday Scribblings ( whats the rest of the story )

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0 thoughts on “The “some one””

  1. Aha! Beautiful, if mysterious muse.
    You know, Nimue, now that I am reading several of your posts in succession, the transition is even more stark. You shift from longing to love, to mystery to heartbreak so smoothly. Cheers!

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