Blessed by words – post#600

When winds refused
to raise the wings,
i grew for years
to help me stay above;
I cut them one by one
dripping blood and tears
and into a shell i went
away from all dear ones.
But words are stronger
then i ever imagined
a golden ray of hope,
I caught for escape.
only words did keep
the promise to stick,
people came closer
and some were let go,
but always did god grant
a special one to hold.
To all those special
and dear ones I raise
a wassil for lifetime
whether i stay around
or decide to move on.
today you people matter
and i wish to keep it so
till we forget our blessing,
and have our dreams lost.


This post#600 is dedicated to every one I met in my journey of writing on this page. Thank you every one. Bless you !

A special mention to the love i got from few people in my life that has kept me loyal to my first love – the love for words.

Prompted @ The Mag , OSI

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0 thoughts on “Blessed by words – post#600”

  1. In their bed defenses slip away,
    Words bouqueted to
    Refined and worthy as
    Naked blooms on skin and
    Gathered and uninhibited
    Crowds of silence muster stories
    Atop your sun drenched shoulder,
    Waiting patiently your gift.

    1. she wills the words to fly
      and dance like daisies in sun,
      she wishes them to shine
      the way stars have moonlit fun.
      She wills and weilds them well
      power and passion combined
      they way she always dreamed
      to amke her world and words alike.

  2. congrats on 600…and i like the toast to those met along the way…for me that is what it is all about you know…what are our stories if not for the people we share them with…

  3. I left my Wassil, in Boulder , Colorado, Mindy is minding it for me, thanks for the booster rocket !. Ill drop it back later

  4. This is a lovely dedication. Readers keep us writing, and their words inspire our own. Congratulations on reaching 600 posts, milady. I bet back at the beginning, you never dreamed you would write 600 posts on a blog.

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