Her Hopes

her smile gives away
the hopes she hides in eyes
his sun shine gone pale ..

He empties his heart in words and sets them free in winds ; knowing well  she stands on the roof top catching every sheet of paper that flies from his room. Each night she builds new hopes from them.


Written for Haiku Height  (hope)

Also linked to G-Man’s friday flash 55


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0 thoughts on “Her Hopes”

  1. this is beautiful…i love the scene of him emptying it out and her on the roof catching to build hopes…could def see a piece of art, a painting or a vid done to that…

  2. Lady Nimue…
    You are always so positive snd full of hope.
    You are s treasure to us all.
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing , and have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. I enjoyed your haiku. My favorite line is the second “the hopes she hides in eyes”. How many times have I tried to hide my hopes – just in case. 🙂 Well done.

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