Found yet lost

A blank canvas,
a black canvas,
thats how she felt
as he rained his love
and wordless passion;

some emotions raged,
some emotions caged,
a contrast of colors
fell across her soul
in a print so unknown;

lost and found
far yet around
words lay scattered
few clear, most hazy
awaiting a chance to flow.

Aligned with him
hooked to him,
she lay yet so alone
her rythm disrupted
it was time she let go.


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0 thoughts on “Found yet lost”

  1. It does not matter,
    “how much you cry”?
    Emotions flow,
    Even if you don’t want.
    Relationship may break,
    But emotions flow.
    It does not matter,
    “how much you cry”?

    You may find someone,
    Or you may be left alone.
    You may feel pain,
    Or you may be happy.
    You may try a lot to hold on,
    Or you may leave it.
    But It does not matter,
    “how much you cry”?
    Emotions flow!!!

  2. ugh…i feel so cold for her in the end…and i think it is time for her to let go for sure…really nice in how you bring it out…her as the page he rages across…

  3. rhythm typo

    well captured when a relationship isn’t working without communication….time to let go…that’s my take on this.

  4. The sheer sense of solitude we encounter when with match to a partner, never so magnified is it? Powerful ache to these words ~ send my love sister, Rose

  5. Ahhhh, but letting go is so very difficult, isn’t it? Even when it is the only option left, it cuts deeply still. Very pretty write. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Nimue, this was a heartbreaking but ultimately wise poem. One never leaves a relationship without first considering all the facets, including the good… until the ultimate decision is reached. Love your first two lines of the stanza, the wordplay. Very nice write.

    One thing: It’s “rhythm.” I think you may have been in a hurry?

    Also, you have that awful, pre-checked (by WordPress) “Notify me of comments via email.” Your readers are being flooded with unwanted mail, so go to this link, follow the instructions carefully, and the box will disappear altogether. Don’t skip any steps, and if you reblog this, would you please make sure my blog gets credit? I worked really hard to outsmart the morons at WordPress, who have been unresponsive in fixing it. Love, Amy

    And here’s a sweet poem!

    1. thank you so much Amy for this !! I started getting emails from another blog and I was about to search the reason for it when your comemnt came ..

  7. Those moments that come like this, when so much happens and yet in the heart of hearts you know it’s over. That is such a mysterious moment to me, and I glad to read your poem that captures it like it is.

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