Impatient wait

Like a silk thread,
wrapping her limbs neatly
into a coccoon of silence;
the finest words
cutting her skin alive
painting flesh with scars;
happiness served on platter
kept aside , it rots ,
inside the heart of her soul;
the novice she is, of love,
sears her pretty eyes
with her imaptient wait;
stoicly she walks around
not letting expressions escape
a single tear on her face.

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0 thoughts on “Impatient wait”

  1. Glad you liked the Xena piece. That was one of my most fav shows.
    If you really like Xena, you can go to my youtube channel and watch a couple of videos I put together from the series set to nice songs. I also recently made a tribute video to Lucy Lawless too. Let me know if you enjoy them if you watch, please? Thanks :0

  2. I really need to learn imagery from you I think.. and the strength to not let a single tear define her expressions.

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