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I do not know about others , but my mind sure works in a very routine way. Weirdly routine way almost. Just today I was discussing about how we do not get much genuine articles to read off late in newspapers around. I suddenly realized that I no longer read about national affairs and political issues any more. Back in college , I used to travel home once a month. It was a 4 hours journey from the nearest bus stand to my college gates. there was a magazine stand next to the counter where I got the bus ticket. So I got into a habit of picking some magazines along the ticket every time I went from home. the first thing I read was "India today" . I do not know how good the magazine still is , but it was sure a good source of all latest news and issues for me. followed by some comics , a random english novel and one hindi magazine for all beauty tips and new recepies ๐Ÿ˜€

When college got over , I only stuck to reading novels and random article in newspapers which have been now replaced by some blogs.

there was no reason why I never read India today again unless u count the occasional journeys by bus. Somehow bus journeys that begin from a bus stand make me buy India today for sure.

Habits I tell you !

Weird I already said !!

Must break this pattern and read more about latest news and issues I guess.

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  1. I commend you! It is not easy to keep up with any kind of news when you are going to college. When I went…many years ago now…it was all I could do to finish my papers on time. Good Luck!

    1. You know what! I just noticed you already did your college stint. Oh, wow! I must be really tired. I think it is time to turn in. I did like your write…truly.

  2. i don’t bother with news anymore. twitter gives me enough news! i prefer reading blogs about current issues. newspapers and magazines are biased because they need to sell, and they’re also big. blogs have no vested interest in putting spin on an issue, and are usually too small to worry about putting up controversial opinions and analysis.

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