WordPress users take notice !!

So suddenly I start getting emails of comments people made on a certain post and I thot maybe I had clicked on “follow comment” box. Then Amy told me any one who comments on my posts are getting the comment emails from my blog .. Thank you amy for not jsut reporting that but also providing the way to correct it.

Follow this post by her to fix this on your blog :




I hope WordPress doesn’t do such changes without informing !!


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  1. The same was happening to me. I was shocked one morning to see the sudden influx in my inbox. Thankfully, the problem seems to be fixed now. 🙂

  2. Nimue, thanks for referring folks to receive “the fix.” Your actual line is still there, but I see you have figured out how to uncheck it.

    WordPress is being quite snarky about this problem, defensive, and it’s really just a programming problem that would be universally fixed from their end. But it starts with their taking responsibility and also not changing vital features without announcing it. You’re right, honey. Hope we can get back to poetry now! Love, Amy

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