foolish or proud

I do not know when and where this feeling got its root in my head but I never could ask some one to accompany me for a walk or shopping. If i wanted , I would just go ahead with it. This habit became more like a definition of me when a dear Friend got em going to movies alone and I so much loved them that way.

 It never felt odd initially till lot laters when I shifted to noida. for some reasons , I felt people did not take it as casually here if you are seen alone for shopping or movies. Maybe It is my assumption. But i did feel a little odd at times. If it was just for movies or shopping , it was ok. But it became a habit of NOT asking some one when I had to go out any where. Be it near or far , I adjust my schedule and travel times so that I can reach back home by 9. I do not like some one dropping me home. I would rather not go out than expect some one to bother about my return. There are not many people to whom I can ask rightfully to accompany me some where.


Some people think am too proud. Few think i am foolish to try to do everything on my own. for me , its just a precaution and necessity that I be able to function any where on my own – with friends or alone.

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  1. You are doing good, you know coming to uk the initial few years were so hard for me as i was too used to going in gangs and all.. but now I am fine If i want go go somewhere I jsut go , It doesnot bother me alone or in a group..

    moreover its good you are self reliant.. but just be Safe … take care and be goood

    so hey does that mean you wont be taking me to show around I am sure you said you would in previous post’s awwwwwwwwwwww now i am sad 🙂 he he hehe

  2. I am in complete accord. I hate shopping with anyone else – (even Jock) it takes twice as long. My best ever holiday was the first one I took entirely alone, island-hopping in Greece.

  3. I won’t say you foolish or proud rather I would say the people who say you foolish or proud are experienced people and it has always been advisable to listen to your elders or take advise of the experienced even before taking a bold step. Yeah, it is not a coward act but it help you to act more bold… 🙂

  4. I think it is good to be independent but also good to exercise caution and if ever you go somewhere where you feel it might be better having someone go with you, then that is alright too.

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