If Only my love ..

If only I didn’t love you ,
I would let you free my love,
to scale new heights each day
beyond the skies that lie above ..

If only you didn’t have me
to look back now and then
to hold my hands and walk,
ever consider this option ?

If only I dare not confess
I am gonna be your shadow
will you not be lonely my dear
in the early success that glows ?

will you have me pave the way
for you and me to immortalize
or tread alone, refusing love
guess I have to wait for time.

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0 thoughts on “If Only my love ..”

  1. I can’t help but hear George Michael singing in the background as I read your words.It seems to have that type of vibe. Interesting ponderances — does it feel like love holds some back that they need to consider whether to love or not.

  2. Lovely reflection on eternal love. Yet, there’s something sinister in the ending, as either doubt or a question of the depth enters. Is it questions like this that begin to fray at the edges of love? Excellent that your words bring these questions to the surface.

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