Poetry therapy.

Crash. Burn.Exhaust.
tears I submit at her doorsteps;
the spirits lie split between head and heart.
She knows. She understands. she cries.
thoughtless I wander back to her;
she hands me to word thirsty pages.
I write. I rant. I cry again.
She saw me feed pain. She saw me bleed poetry.

This is dedicated to my mother who recently put up with all my mood swings and relentless questioning of myself and life. finally she asked me to write instead.  I was amused to note that even she realized nothing would cure me better.


Prompted @ Sunday Whirl

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  1. smiles…writing is great therapy…i know for me it is an outlet of wha i am feeling in the moment…and i use it for some of the kids i counsel as well…giving them permission to just get it out on paper…

  2. Exactly! Poetry is as able to release inner feelings as primal scream therapy, give yourself to the ink and page and start on the road to redemption.

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