how as a kid
we learned of seasons,
food , clothes and sports –
different for each one;
until science created for us
all-round-the-year stuff
and stretched some seasons
into others;
natural it isn’t, nor so it feels,
with seasonal out of fashion,
everything seems so routine.


Margo asked us to use a summer image for poetry. and sadly I could not think of any distinct summer image. while snow makes it obvious winter symbol , what do summers bring us except heat and lot of sun ? considering the pollution and decreasing forest areas , do we really witness that long winter ? or the harsh winds last long ? and thats why this post.

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0 thoughts on “Seasons”

  1. That is so true! Even fruit and veg that we used to see only in supermarkets during the summer is now available all year long. Nice one!

  2. What great points!

    “until science created for us
    all-round-the-year stuff”

    “with seasonal out of fashion,
    everything seems so routine”

    With time being so filled, there’s no time for being fulfilled.

  3. Isn’t it strange…We live up in the mountains, which means lots of snow, but last Christmas, clothes were shorts and tees and sports, football in the sun. I don’t know if there is any regeneration with all of the processing we do these days. Feels yucky, anyway, this is an important thought.

  4. It’s saddest in places where there used to be differences to look forward to, changes in clothing, colours, food, weather… your poem is timely.

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