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  1. dang…those last 2 lines are killer….and if only he understood…said it somewhere else tonight, communication is a prickly pear….and i would take anything over silence…

  2. I think you have caught that seemingly always present dilemma between men and women, though it appears that your friend understands it. That is, that when women talk they desire listeners and not problem-solving. It has taken me some time to figure this out, and I must say that I might still be the one who asks the question, though silence might best be called for. I love the riddle-like quality of this, embodying perhaps that conundrum that will exists between men and women.

  3. Beautiful whirl to this sister. Carries such a lovely melody and depth of expression one can fall into it over and over. Send my love and well! <3 xoxo ~ Rose

  4. Enchanting…those last two lines seems to sum up several relationships, men and women, even parent and child. Hopefully naught between agent and writer/poet if one is ever so lucky to have such. I’m not that lucky yet. Though my other relationships are for the most part honky-dorie πŸ™‚
    My shorter piece ‘Crust’ seems to be a favored one this week as I offered two – the second is a piece continuing my latest story verse a link is found to that at the bottom of ‘Crust’ if interested:

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