her lost voice

In the mirror once enchanted,
Trapped lay a beauty protected,
Charmed into a smile
Bound by unknown lies,
She sings of days gone by
And about times to come she cries..

Bottom of the magic pond
Rested the mirror for times long,
The wonder today free for all
Mysteries though remain untold..
In lonely night the lady would stroll
Shedding light on places once lost ..


Prompted @ Magpie Tales

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0 thoughts on “her lost voice”

  1. No mirror traps a beauty ‘true’…
    Only reflects the mysteries ‘bound to go’… πŸ˜›
    Times goes ‘shedding wrinkles’…
    Everyone knows, mirror only shows…
    No mirror traps a beauty ‘true’… (No-no-no, Telling true I am now ‘running away’ πŸ™‚

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