In Life’s journey

the roads pause
even if you do not;
round and round
the landmarks appear;
each experience lead to
same old thoughts;
midway or not –
its the point in life
we never realize
before it has passed
and we find a stranger
suddenly residing
within our heart and mind –
a new you,
prepared for
the new journey ahead…

Prompted @ Carry on Tuesday

Originally inspired by Musical Poetry Prompt : Gordon Lightfoot’s Don Quixote

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0 thoughts on “In Life’s journey”

  1. nice piece. Completely agree. Love the notion of never realizing, very true. suddenly residing within our heart and mind- really like how the piece pivoted at the never realizing line, and into this great direction it transitioned into. very nicely done. Thanks

  2. I think one thing that is constant is change. We don’t know when we pass the midpoint, do we? But eventually as we look back we see ourselves a bit differently than we had earlier in life. The transition may be so gradual we don’t realize it though….. I enjoyed where your poem led my mind.

  3. Really like the combination of the two prompts. In the song, the brave young horseman is seen as Warrior, Prophet, and Preacher, each one a journey in itself and you are correct, there is no seeing of the mid-point in the journey. In the song, what he sees (experiences) alters the horseman and his quest of seeking. I could hear his hoofbeats as I read your words,


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