In market of dreams

So much said of you and me ,
In direct lines
Or form of he and she;
So much I hide yet reveal
With words left alone
In market of dreams;
There goes the merchant
No heart and soul,
The riches lining the pot belly;
And ignored we stand
In different lanes,
Buying our share of misery;
In glances we feel
The forced smiles
Yet walk away guilt free.


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0 thoughts on “In market of dreams”

  1. really like the standing in different lanes…and then the walking away guilt free….both of those build the meotion in this for me…i find it rather sad….

  2. So much here is true, Lady N. I think your poet should have dropped her handkerchief. πŸ™‚ Even as a married man, I would have picked it up for her. She needs comfort from her neighbors there in the lines.
    Sorry I didn’t make it back to return your nice comment last week. I’ve been in a whirl with family company from overseas.

  3. perceptive intelligent, reminds me of new york city and the thisclose, yet so far as well
    as a tiny place in the middle of india. well done.

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