Of dreams and love songs

One person kills himself
A generation dies.

One day I killed a dream
the ashes still hurt my eyes.

One dream gave birth to hopes in heart
the flowers make the days easy to pass.
One flower fell in love with winds
to fly away or to die is its only dream.

One dream killed the lovely flower
the songs of love resonate the valleys since.

This form of poetry is landai– two-line folk poems from Afghanistan.the success of the poetry form is attributed to it being easy to memorize, which is really important in a culture where women are poorly schooled and forbidden to write or read. The word landai means “short, poisonous snake” in Pashto. The poems are collective — no single person writes a landai; a woman repeats one, shares one. It is hers and not hers. Although men do recite them, almost all are cast in the voices of women.

The italicized landai is taken from another article and I have written linked ones after that.

Much thanks to Kenia @ imaginary Garden for talking about Afghan women and their struggle for poetry which is in a way is reflective of their life.

Please do read the original article : Why Afghan women risk death to write Poetry

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