Sapna ( hindi poem ) + English Translation

rozmarra sa din,
aaj kuch alag lagne laga
wo chai ka pehla pyaala
kuch jyaada chalakne laga
subah ki kirne dekhe arsa ho gaya
fir bhi suraj aaj dastak dene laga
aankhein kholi to tum dikhe
sapna achanak se sach lagne laga.


(Inspired from another poem’s title)





another usual day,

suddenly appeared so bright;

the first taste of morning tea

tripped a bit more on mind;

sunrise is not my time

yet the sun welcomed with smiles;

you I found next to me in bed

no wonder the dream appeared so right.

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  1. Nimue, this is so romantic and beautiful. The purest expression of love. Must say, the word “Kholi” (I was trying to read it aloud, as always) reminded me of the Shah Ruhk Khan movie about Asperger’s, “My Name Is Khan,” in which he keeps correcting people who pronounce his name as “Kahn.” “KHAN with a dipthong, you see…” Nice memory, and SRK is my movie hero…

    Sunrise is not my time, either, but you had a reason to smile! (wink) Namaste. Amy

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