Why are we so shy / scared to ask.
Ask questions , permissions and most importantly ask apologies !

I had gone to watch the movie “cloud Atlas” last month. When intermission happened , a couple sitting a few seats away from me came up to me and asked me how the movie began since they were 15 min late to reach the theater. After they had thanked me enough with cute smiles ( both of them seemed to be in college and really young) , I wondered if I would ever do that. I had been to movies a few minute late and even if I never had to ask about the missed scenes , I know I would not ask at all. Even if I can’t make much head of the movie , I will NOT ask some one.

There are other times too when the question is right on the tip of  my tongue but I swallow it back. I do try to ask if i know I can not absolutely function without that information. Else , I let it be , hoping it won’t matter tomorrow.
But it does.

Same is for apologies. The moment you realize it was a mistake on your part , do not let your ego come in between whats the right and best thing to do. Ask forgiveness with an honest heart. Those who ask, shall be forgiven much sooner.

Ask questions or apologies at the first chance. Life doesn’t give you another chance. And even if , it did that , the price is not always low.


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  1. I do this too! Sometimes I just keep my mouth shut rather than ask a simple question. But our words are valid, whatever they are.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. 100% on apology I beleive it makes one a better person if they know its their fault and apologise ..

    and since I have come to uk I have also learnt that ASK, worst comes to worst you will get a NO.. so what at least you will know ..

  3. Oh the times I wish I had asked someone something – it would have saved me from mistakes, time wasted, grief avoided…

    Very nice posting for the first “A” letter.

  4. that was pretty bold of the couple, to ask. But an intermission, right in the middle of a movie? I’ve never seen that before! Guess I haven’t been out to a movie in a long time! {:-Deb

  5. Hi Lady N. ~~ I will ask more than Mrs. Jim. But I don’t think I would ask WHEN THE MOVIE IS RUNNING. That is disruptive for the other viewers.

    Welcome to Alphabe. It is a fun post, I did all 26 last time. This time it won’t matter so very much (I hope).
    Jim’s Alphabe-Thursday

  6. I ask too many questions sometimes.

    I try to wait for opportune moments. My husband as accused me of interviewing strangers…alas, I get that quality of non-shy curiousity from my Dad.

    I enjoyed your take on this, though!

    It was both a thoughtful and thought-provoking link for the letter “A”.


  7. yes, friend, i agree! let’s be more honest and open with everyone… what are we trying to hide? especially re: apologies. those bring such healing. what an important post!!

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