Dear couples

To all the couples I have known or met – the engaged , married or the lovers;

I am sorry.
I am sorry to question why you would not find time for me.
I am sorry to think that you “have” no time for any one except yourself and your partner.
I am sorry to assume you have no need for other friends.
I am disappointed with myself I wanted to mention but then how was i supposed to know what it is to be linked so with another person.

Having said that, I still do not understand why I still want to get away at times.
I want him to be around but also be on my own sometimes.
I want to meet people who do not know him or talk about so maybe I can tell them about him.
I want to try things we both do not know about or like much.
I want to know the world from eyes and ear different from mine or him or ours.
I love him and i can not say it well or enough times every day but I still fear losing myself within ourself or finding him lost same way.
I need things and people to talk about when I meet him and not just go over our shared experiences.

So, yes I am sorry to judge without bias.
But I am still glad I have friends who have helped me not to be like some of you.

PS : That gets me to another realization. Few of my friends have been assuming I am too busy or occupied to meet them. Now this post might never reach them but to every one reading this, I hope you keep your friends close and never lose that touch with anyone you met before your partner came to your life.



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  1. ” now ” in fourth line of para 2 should be know.
    Agree couples and their “within their shell” culture built of insecurity and over possessiveness sometimes, and mere pseudo completion in the aura at others is frustrating.
    People over rate relationships, marriage, commitment and forget the basis of growth in life…which is personal exploration, now, then, always

  2. Brilliant conclusion! My best girlfriend will echo the thought. πŸ™‚
    The point is – relationships are to be valued. Every single one of them. Sometimes, life gets too preoccupied and people tend to assume that it is only because the advent of a romantic partner in someone’s life. May or may not be the case. Anyhow, for the people we value and want to keep close, time has to be taken out. πŸ™‚

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