Life with goals

She definitely did not have easy goals for life. Reading 50 books per year , cooking 50 new dishes , visiting 10 new places in the same year,so on.

Every accomplishment was beginning of a new strangeness. Until her life seemed hollow to her – the dark pit she dug and drowned alone.


Written for Inspiration Monday , TrifectaΒ , G-Man’s fridayflash55

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  1. I kinda feel like this too. I try to do new things and even when I manage it, it sometimes feels like it hasn’t changed much :/ Great work!

  2. I like this. You’d think that trying so many new things would lead to a full life. I guess it’s just like anything, if we’re doing it just to cross it off a list, there’s no emotional attachment to give it meaning.

  3. love this! we often try to compensate for our hollow lives by doing more things or getting more stuff. when we do not reach our goal we think if only when we reach it we would be satisfied. but when we do accomplish them, we still feel discontent because we were wrong about what we needed all along.

  4. Those are attainable goals Lady Nimue
    But then again, we all change our mind.
    Loved your sad twist
    You Rock The PLANET!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

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