Loved and lost

Love was no longer a word,
it was him, me and “the world”
we belong , we do;stay strong , will you ?
the monologues continue,
but love was never lost;
it was us against what not.


You would hope It to remain,
I did.
not him.

You think I am broke ?
Of course I am.
and him.




Written for Imaginary Garden‘s prompt : breaking the fourth wall.

Also linked to G-Man’s fridayflash 55

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0 thoughts on “Loved and lost”

  1. You’re broke and he is too …
    But we really don’t know …
    ”what was so far??”
    We really wonder…
    ”why do you make us fool?”
    You’re broke and he is too …
    Anyway, we would love to know…
    ”what was so far??”
    Until yesterday, How did you say…
    ‘I love you’ to each other…???
    You’re broke and he is too …
    But we really don’t understand…
    How do you say…
    ‘Love to you’ is no longer a word…
    “it is him, you and “the world”…
    It is surprising…
    We really wonder…How do you say…
    ‘Love to you’ is a word ‘no-longer’…
    When you’re broke and he is too … 😮

  2. I like the idea of your poem being a monologue, perhaps endless, perhaps internal, which is heard by an anonymous other in your reader. I also think this is an excellent poem about love and its demise.

  3. Of course this is Fiction!
    And well written fiction at that.
    Well Written Flash Fiction 55 Lady Nimue
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. Nimue, you write one of the most poignant poem I have ever read in just 55 words and it amazed me as you use just such simple words. I think you are GREAT!!! YOU ROCK IT GIRL! Mine is here

  5. Nimue,

    Was asked to do a write up on 55s for Nain Rouge mag…(G referenced the mag in his post the other day) would like to include yours (with credit of course). If interested, please email me ASAP so I can work it in.


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