Months of the year Writing Prompt 2012 – begins tomorrow !

Extending another 15 days !


The Idea : The challenge is to write about each month – all 12 of them in 1 or 12 different posts – either of this year, or of the past, or the future

TimeLine : Dec 1,2012 6:00 AM IST to Dec 31,2012 9:00 PM IST

Where to submit the posts : Here is the Page I have created for this year –  Months of the year 2012 writing prompt . Please leave your post links  in comments (along the month they cover) . I will be updating the page daily.

You can start linking the posts anytime. I will though publish the links from Dec 1.

See you there !

Much love !

Spread the love, spread the word ..

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  1. Well, I think I totally got this wrong. I apologize as I thought I had more time but I was so busy in December with holidays and family I didn’t get a chance to write again. It is a good idea but with working and all finding enough time to do it in one month is a bit hard for me. Perhaps next time I will do better.

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