A dream comes true

Some words were left untouched, yet the lines were ready. There was a nervous cheer in her fingers. The stained pages lie neatly stacked in the imaginary room she lived in,the last few weeks. She stepped out of her shell excitedly,welcomes by his waiting arms and proud smile. A part of her dream was finally live.



Written for G-Man’s friday flash55

Also Linked to Month of the year 2012 writing prompt – December


This Month I finally compiled a collection of my poems and self published via amazon Kindle. Please check the book by clicking on the image below. Comments / suggestions welcome.

Am a self published author !!!

Thanks and wishes for a great festive weekend and new year eve to all 🙂

*Love and hugs*

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0 thoughts on “A dream comes true”

  1. Lady Nimue….
    You are a dream come true!
    Loved your brilliant 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your loyal and unwavering support,
    And have a Kick Ass New Year…..G

  2. All writers/ artists do live in a bit of an imaginary world… we need to make sure to come out and join the living at times. 🙂 I “published” a book and gave it to my family – one side LOVED it and keeps going on and on about it, the one is afraid to open it due to the word “poetry” on it. Ha. 🙂

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