Battle for Love

How does one react
your anticipation
comes to end;
and you stand at
the very crossroads,
you prepared for;

With whom can you share
you wish to laugh
on your own tricky fate,
how the confusions and chaos
makes you care less
of what becomes
in coming days.

How does one curb
the idiotic demon called
“i told you so”
the words are cast,
the veil torn aside,
the battle lines drawn,
love stands alone
in the ego clash.


I can only try to write what I am going through. Hope it helps to heal and comfort me and my thoughts.


Written for Trifecta ( Anticipation ) & Two shoes Tuesday ( Share)

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0 thoughts on “Battle for Love”

  1. I think you have used the “share” prompt perfectly here Nimue, many of us use our blogs for therapy and a place to vent and share the issues we are struggling with. Writing it out helps so much to release the pent up emotions, and having people reach out who have been down that path and understand is very comforting. If this poem reflects what is going on in your life right now, let me say that I’ve been there, more than once, and as cruel as life seems at the moment, and as lost as you may feel, I assure you that hope rises, and love blooms forth again in life when you least expect it. Take it one day at a time, and you wll be ok! HUGS!

  2. I love the poem… and I cannot tell you how many posts I have written that really were my way of expressing what I am going through at the moment… I no longer need a journal… it is called a blog!

  3. Wonderfully done ~ egos bruise rather deeply sometimes ~ trick I am learning is to ‘let it go’ and let the ego vent but move on and enjoy ‘what is’ ~ I know not easy to do ~ it is is a life process ~ letting go ^_^ ~ not sure this is the response you are looking for and maybe you are just writing creatively in a contemplative way ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ aka artmusedog and CArol ^_^

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