I think of you. always.

The below poem in hindi was written prompted by a thought about the love of my life :

metro ke khali dabbe me,jab awaazein saaf sunai padti hain,
kabhi kabhi koi baat,kaano me pad jaati hai,
koi sawaal aisa sun leti hoon, jo dil ko choo jaata hai,
kal ek thaki hui awaaz ne bola,waqt kahan milta hai kisi ko yaad karo ?
aur main muskura uthi, main to har waqt usko yaad karti hoon,
ya yun kaho, har khoobsurat ehsaas me wo khud hi yaad aa jaata hai.

[ And below is the translation ( sort of) ]

Travelling in the metro,
when you can overhear,
some random bit of talk,
or questions that find
a way straight to heart –
“where does one have time
to miss some one”
a tired voice asks,
and I can not help but smile,
’cause I miss him all the time –
his words ,smile or name
is just there always,
with every beautiful desire,
every feeling of him I share.

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0 thoughts on “I think of you. always.”

  1. Your poem says that your missing a link into ‘the completeness of life’ and in the absence of that part of the life chain you keep thinking about the person who can complete your life chain. Your poem proves that everyone in this world are nothing alone but selfish… :I

  2. What do I say,I have read almost all the posts I could lay my hands on this blog… what is more beautiful than the words is the feelings and the expression but most importantly it reflects the beautiful person who weaves magic with her words…

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