As soon as I read the prompt light(s) , I was flooded with lot of options to write about. And then I thought of ways to light up our life and other’s as well. so here I wrote an acrostic for light –






Here’s another beautiful light in my life ( gifted to me on my birthday this october ) :



And one for the lovely bunch of people , who light my life –

To family for being the light,
that shines in my heart –
and the lovely fireflies
that makes me smile each time.
To the friends that adorn my skies
whether day or darkest hour of night,
and shine in such unseen corners
where nothing seems to fit right.
To the love that keeps me writing
of people , words and images,
of comments so kind and fun
I owe it to you all for keep me loving.


For Two shoes , Month of year challenge – Oct

Spread the love, spread the word ..

0 thoughts on “Light(s)”

  1. What perfect thoughts for this theme, warm with the light of love and gratitude. The acrostic was inspirational, the flowered lamp is adorable, and the tribute to family and friends was beautiful! So very well done Nimue!!

  2. I like your acrostic, Lady N. The ‘Family’ poem is a nice reminder also of the treasures we have in them.

    You were like me, there were many options to using the word, ‘light.’ I planned on using several but only reallly did one as time was constraining me. Jim’s Tuesday Two Shoes (link)

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