Realizations can happen any time , any place about anyone – provided you do not ignore them.

And when they reveal things about you, it can get a little too much sometimes.

The last month has been little stressful for me even when there been moments of great joy too. But all the talking , thinking and worrying at times did leave its mark.

While I can not and do not want to re think over those lines, here’s something I did realize –

Between you and me

I am not always in sync
With the little voice in head
I do not usually deny
It says stuff I leave unsaid.

I recognize the voice as ‘she’
the kind of spirit I am not
And she has a lot to tell me
Whether asked or not to poke.

These days she been telling
I have lost a grip on things
My head is such a mess
No logic, just all feelings.

I am scared of days to come,
And of failing people who care,
I need reassurance now and then
Am not walking alone here.

I demand a lot sometimes,
She keeps sending the warning,
But to question,if am wrong,
to that, she won’t be answering.

I feel so lost, so worthless,
I don’t know what to say or write,
Between you and me, I told her
I think we both are wrong and right.

Help me, I whispered to her,
And she filled my eyes with tears
Let it flow my dear she said,
Selfless love alone can free your fear.

~ Nimue


Written for Month of year challenge : Nov , Sunday Scribblingsย , Open Link night

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0 thoughts on “Realizations”

  1. Without doubt and questioning…there is no reason for change…a creative mind will always venture away from the well worn paths of others…peace be with you.

  2. Always hold onto that little voice..she can be a little troublesome at times perhaps..but she will guide you you with the words that can unravel all the tangles inside..jae

  3. Been there done that, it’s painful place to be but if willing to delve into ‘what is this?’, usually knowledge yields peace.

  4. Yeah it is quite the place to find ones self, but the more one questions the more things they find, even if it is just more questions and as you say it can happen any time.

  5. Sometimes in life, you find these moments when shutting your mouth is the best course of action. I think I just found one. I am just ‘gobsmacked’ for want of a better word.

  6. wow what a close on this..and i think that many can relate as well to not knowing…and our own frailty…know that voice will never leave you as well…and i imagine that together you will make it through…

  7. touching expression in these words sister. That place…I have been there, I found the answers in the tingle of my flesh when crying with my heart. Send love and peace ~ Rose

  8. Between you and me….. i can relate to so much of what you have written so beautifully here. You have captured the reality which many of us live with and so often do so within the confines of our mind. The last stanza is a beautiful example of the inner self reaching out with its desire to protect and nurture.

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