cobwebs of Love

being naked –
was never as hard,
as to bare my heart
making my future
meet my past.

cobwebs –
abandoned spider homes
swept aside from the walls,
a momentary respite for me
and memories of love long lost.

Love lost –
to spiders of times gone
clinging to new hopes,
he preferred my skin to sins.


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0 thoughts on “cobwebs of Love”

  1. Really beautiful. It is truly hard to bare our souls to those we think love us but to bare it to one we do not know loves us is even harder. Wonderful use of spiders, because we do weave a web in our search for love and for so many things in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you are having a weekend full of many blessings.

    God bless.

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